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Many men are very excited about the idea of dating an older woman. Older ladies can often seem more elegant, sophisticated, and interesting to talk to. The extra experience they have also means they are clear on what they want and are less likely to mess you around and play mind games when you enter into a relationship with them. To find out more about why dating a cougar can be so satisfying and what to do if you want to meet an older lady, read on.

Where to Pick up Older Women?

If you want to meet an older lady, it’s important to go to the places they can be found. These can include not only bars, clubs and cafes but book clubs, parks, the beach and more. However, it’s increasingly effective to head online if you have older women on your mind and want to meet someone that stimulates your mind as well as your body. When you use an online dating service, you can connect with ladies that have specifically said they want to get involved with a younger guy, which can save you a great deal of embarrassment. One problem with approaching older ladies offline is that they may have no interest in dating someone younger, leaving you feeling humiliated if you make a doomed attempt to chat them up.

How to Pick up an Older Woman?

Once you have signed up for an online dating site, you can start looking for older women seeking younger men right away. When you find a cougar that takes your fancy, you can kick start a conversation by introducing yourself to them and bringing up a suitable topic. To find a relevant subject, take a look at their profile and find out what they are interested in. This could be travel, books, music, cinema, or anything else. As long as you know what you are talking about, there’s every chance you could be able to start a fascinating and lengthy conversation with her. Once you have spent time getting to know her online, you may feel confident enough to ask her to meet in person. There’s also a chance she might ask you first.

The Best Places to Pick up Older Women

The beauty of online dating services is that they make you far more visible to the kind of ladies you want to meet and vice versa. When you start work on your profile, imagine how an older lady would react to what you are writing. Try to avoid using language; only a young person would understand as this can crush your chances of connecting with an older lady immediately. It’s important to appear as mature and sophisticated as you possibly can. Even when a mature woman does want to date a younger man, they don’t normally want to be their mother. Remember to add a few recent pictures of yourself to show them who they could soon be meeting up with, but choose these carefully, selecting ones that present you in the best possible light.

How to Pick up Cougars Online?

Not all older ladies are interested in dating a younger man. Don’t assume a lady is desperate to date someone younger just because they have reached a certain age. One thing that puts many women off a younger man is immaturity, so it really is important for her to be able to have grown-up, thought-provoking conversations with you. One reason many older women do want to date younger guys is that they are often more enthusiastic about life than many men of a certain age. This means you should avoid appearing jaded and bored with life – they are looking for someone who can bring more excitement and joy to their daily existence. You need to be emotionally mature enough to handle the needs of an older lady, and you must be willing to satisfy not only in the bedroom but outside of it too. Try not to be too nervous around her, as this can be very off-putting. Confidence is a very valuable attribute for a younger man to have when he wants to date an older woman. Another great reason for dating an older lady is that they are less likely to play games than their younger counterparts are. They tend to be far more direct when it comes to letting you know what they want. This means you can avoid a great deal of confusion when you get intimate with her.

How to Have Sex with a Cougar?

When you do get to the bedroom, put her needs first, and pay attention to her entire body. Don’t just jump right into it – make sure you give sufficient foreplay before the main event. It’s likely that she will have had a great deal of sex in her lifetime, which means she will be pretty clear on what she does and doesn’t like when she’s between the sheets. Make her feel good about her body and pay her compliments, but don’t be too sleazy. Don’t try to rush things – take your time to build up her desire. As she will probably be pretty open about her sexual requirements, feel free to let her know what turns you on too. When you are both on the same page, you can ensure the both of you achieve the satisfaction that you are craving.


An online dating site can help you meet the kind of older women you want to connect with. It’s essential that you approach an older lady differently – you are not talking to an inexperienced woman around the same age as you. The ultimate aim should be to become so comfortable with each other that the age gap is swiftly forgotten. Once you sign up for a quality online dating site, you can make yourself far more visible to sexy cougars that are eager to meet younger men like you. There’s no time like the present, so why not get started as soon as you possibly can?