Tips for Looking Beautiful when You’re Overweight

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Although beauty does not come with a weight limit, many women worry that the number on the scales holds them back from finding men for dates and relationships. When you consider that magazines, TV shows, and movies largely feature slender, skinny women with curves in (only) the right places, this is a natural assumption. The truth is, you can look gorgeous even when you’re overweight. Here’s how to look pretty when you’re fat.

Dress for Your Body Shape

Knowing how to look pretty when you’re fat can be tough. Sometimes you may feel so downhearted about your appearance that you think nothing can make you look gorgeous. Fortunately, that’s just not the case. The truth is, changing something as simple as your clothes can make a huge difference in helping you look and feel your very best. Dressing for your body type is an important first step in learning how to be fat and attractive. Most overweight women are pear-shaped, which simply means that the widest part of the body is below the waist, around the hips. If you’re a pear, you should aim to wear clothing that makes you look less bottom-heavy. You need to emphasize your top half, drawing attention away from your hips. A nice top or a scarf around your neck is a good idea, and it makes sense to wear something darker on the bottom, such as black jeans or slacks. Wearing dark solid colors on the bottom will give more attention to your top half. Playing up your upper body is key if you’re pear-shaped and carrying excess weight down below.

Choose Suitable Clothing

Unfortunately, being overweight means that you’ll need to think carefully about what you wear. Although you might assume that oversized garments like tent dresses are a good choice for hiding your weight, it’s actually best to avoid them. The truth is, they’ll only make you look bigger, adding extra pounds and making you appear less confident. It’s better to wear fitted clothing that flatters your figure. Choose close-fitting shirts that have a shape to them and glide over your body. For pants, opt for straight-leg or bootcut jeans or tailored trousers. For skirts or dresses, choose A-line or pencil options that make your hips and legs appear more proportionate.

Maintain Healthy Hair

Smooth and glossy hair can seriously improve your appearance, so it makes sense to pay it some attention when you’re overweight. You may not be able to change the number on the scales overnight, but it won’t take much to make your hair look gorgeous. It can be tempting to wash it every day. However, this is a mistake. Shampooing it too often can remove natural oils, making it dry and frizzy. Leave a day between shampoos to help the hair maintain moisture. Try to let your hair air dry when you can, limiting your use of hot styling tools when possible. It’s also a good idea to eat a diet rich in nutrients and always drink a good amount of water. Taking good care of your hair can help you to look great even when you’re overweight. You could also switch up your hairstyle from time to time or add some accessories to make your locks appear even more attractive. There are many things you can do with your hair to make it look even more beautiful.

Wear Make-up to Accentuate Your Looks

If you’re wondering how to feel attractive when overweight, look no further than a good makeup routine. Make-up that’s applied carefully and cleverly can seriously enhance your appearance, boosting your self-esteem right away. Use foundation and concealer to achieve smooth and flawless skin, and then apply mascara and eyeliner to accentuate your eyes. Perhaps the most important step is to use a blusher or bronzer to give your skin a pretty and happy glow. The right make-up can do wonders for your appearance, helping you to look and feel amazing even when you’re fat. If you’re not sure how to apply make-up, head online to find some great tutorials.

Why Don’t Men Like Overweight Women?

Finding ‘the one’ is difficult enough, but it’s even harder when many men refuse to date women who are overweight. This can drastically reduce the dating pool, making it difficult to find your Mr. Right. The reasons why men don’t like overweight women are varied, with some saying it’s because they don’t want to date someone who can’t take care of themselves. They question what if a woman can’t look after her body and appearance, how can she look after him or a potential child one day? Many men simply think overweight women are undisciplined and lazy or just don’t want to be seen with fat ladies in public. They worry that it will ruin their image and reputation. Are you wondering what do guys consider fat? Well, the answer isn’t always a simple one. Whereas many women think ladies oversize 8 are overweight, others are more than happy to date girls with a dress size 12 or 14. In a 2015 study, 1327 guys from 10 countries were asked to rate 21 photos of women with different BMIs according to the attractiveness of their bodies. The most popular image was of a woman with a BMI of 19, which is underweight. With the average dress size for women being a 16, it seems that ladies with fuller figures may have a fight on their hands!You may worry that your weight will hold you back from attracting men and finding your Mr. Right, but it doesn’t have to. There are ways to enhance your appearance and look beautiful even when you’re fat or overweight. By choosing the right clothes for your body shape, taking care of your hair, and adopting a good make-up routine, you can still look gorgeous even when the number on the scales is higher than you’d like. Don’t give up on finding your Mr. Right – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all!