How to Tell Your Girlfriend to Lose Weight?

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Has your long-term girlfriend or wife put on a few extra pounds over the course of your relationship? If so, you can rest assured that she’s not alone. Most women put weight on when they find a partner, with a recent study showing that ladies put on a whopping 24lb in the first five years of marriage. Women who live with their partners but aren't married, gain 18lbs. Whilst this isn’t as much as the married women, it’s still a cause for alarm. There are many reasons why coupling up might lead to weight gain for women, such as feeling less pressure to look their best. Women might ditch their fitness routine in favor of takeaways and nights in on the couch, and this can quickly lead to becoming overweight. If you want her to regain her great figure and feel healthier and happier, you need to do something about it. Here’s how to tell your wife to lose weight.

Choose Your Moment Carefully

Talking to your wife or partner about her weight gain can be difficult, so it makes sense to choose your moment carefully. This delicate subject should be discussed at a time when she’s relaxed and isn’t worrying about other issues. If she’s just got in front work after a nightmare day, don’t choose this moment to broach the topic. Choose a moment when you’re both alone together rather than when other people are present. Talking about her weight gain in the presence of friends or family members will only leave her feeling embarrassed, and she’ll be much less likely to respond positively to your concerns.

Be Kind and Supportive

Hearing from her partner that she needs to lose weight can be tough, so try to be as kind as possible whilst showing that you support her. Reassure that that you love her and are still attracted to her despite her weight gain, pointing out that it’s in her own interests to shed the pounds. Make it clear that you care about her health, happiness, and self-esteem, and that’s why you have taken action. Rather than criticizing her, focus on showing your support, suggesting ways she can adapt her diet or enjoy exercise. A great idea to encourage her weight loss is to set goals, rewarding her every time she reaches one. For example, you could take her out to dinner once she loses half a stone or buys her a new dress or shoes.

Make it a Team Effort

So many men wonder, ‘how do I help my girlfriend to lose weight?’, but the answer may be as simple as enjoying more physical activity together as a couple. Rather than singling her out and telling her, she needs to shed the pounds for the sake of your relationship, why not simply mention that you’d like to do some exercise together. You don’t need to work out in the gym for hours for her to lose some weight (this can be daunting for people who are usually sedentary). Keep it simple and suggest going for walks after dinner, or taking up a new sport, such as volleyball or tennis. Having you join her when she exercises could help her to stay on track and lose weight. Besides, staying active will also benefit your own health and wellbeing, which is equally important.

Shop for Groceries Together

If your girlfriend’s weight gain is a result of eating too much junk food, it may be a good idea to make shopping for groceries a joint task. Not only will she feel like she has your support, but you’ll also be able to advise her on which foods to eat and which to limit. Help make her diet healthier by ditching refined carbohydrates, sugar, and processed foods. Replace white bread, rice, and pasta with wholegrain options, and encourage her to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Getting your girlfriend to change her diet won’t be easy, especially if she has become reliant on sugary foods for energy or to combat stress, but small changes can certainly make the world different.

What Is the Best Way for Women to Lose Weight?

If your girlfriend has piled on the pounds, don’t be too hard on her. Physiologically, women have a slower metabolic rate than guys. This means that even if they do the exact same activities, their bodies will use fewer calories. And guess what happens to the leftover calories? That’s right, they’re stored as fat. As well as this, female body fat composition is usually higher. Men gain more muscle than fat, bringing down their BMI. Muscle burns up more calories than fat, even when it’s doing absolutely nothing.If you’re looking for the best way for women to lose weight, look no further than reducing their intake of refined carbohydrates. This is the quickest way for her to shed the pounds whilst making her feel happier and healthier. Limiting carbs in her diet will lower her insulin levels, causing her body to burn fat for energy, resulting in weight loss. Eating more protein and drinking more water will also encourage weight loss. In terms of exercise, you may want to suggest that she adds resistance training to her work out routine. Resistance training helps to burn more calories both during and after working out. As well as burning fat, her body will build muscle. Whilst cardio is important too, strength training will give her weight-loss an extra boost.It’s not always easy to know how you motivate someone to lose weight, especially if they don’t know there’s a problem. Your girlfriend may feel hurt and worry that you no longer find her attractive. It’s up to you to show her that’s not the case, and all you care about is her health and wellbeing. Make it clear that as her husband or partner, you simply want her to feel healthier, happier, and more confident in herself. Be honest, and together, you can work out a plan to help her shed the pounds.