How to Make Love to a Fat Woman

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Is your wife or girlfriend overweight? If so, it’s possible that you’re facing a few problems between the sheets. You may even find yourself wondering ‘how do fat people have sex?’ After all, when a person is fat, their sex life often suffers. As well as their desire for lovemaking taking a hit, performance and enjoyment can deteriorate too. Incredibly. Obese people are a whopping 25 times more likely to have sex problems compared with people of normal weight. Whilst intercourse with a fat woman can sometimes be challenging; it’s certainly possible in the right positions. When you modify positions correctly, sex becomes less frustrating and more exhilarating! Read on to find out how to make love to a fat woman.

Amazing Sex Positions for Overweight People

Everyone deserves to have a fulfilling sex life, whatever their size. So, it’s good that you’re doing your research to discover the best sex positions for obese couples. Many fat people simply avoid or stop having sex because it’s too difficult or awkward, but that’s just not necessary. With so many great sex positions for chubby, overweight, and even obese people, you can easily turn up the temperature between the sheets. Here are some great positions to add to your sexual repertoire.

Traditional Missionary

The traditional missionary is one of the most positions for fat women. To do this, simply ask your partner to lie down on her back on the bed (or floor – you choose!) then place a pillow under her to elevate her hips. This will make the flesh on her stomach fall backward, providing better access to her vagina. You can then enter her more easily. You’re also more likely to make clitoral contact and hit her g-spot this way. Pillows can be incredibly useful for helping fat people to have sex, and they make just about any position where there she is on the bottom really easy and comfortable for her.


Doggystyle is a great position to try if your wife or partner is overweight. Whilst you probably already know how to perform this popular sex move, you may need to adapt it slightly. You should enter her whilst she’s on her hands and knees on the bed, and you’re on your knees behind her, or you could also do this whilst you’re standing up on the floor at the side of the bed. To make this position easier, encourage her to bring her head closer to bed. This will help her to open up, making it so much easier for you to enter her. You could also place a few pillows under her to help support her weight. To make this position even sexier and provide extra stimulation for her, you could use a vibrator to pleasure her. There’s more about the best sex toys for fat girls later on in the article.


The spooning position is one of the best for overweight people, especially if the guy’s penis is long enough to enter the vagina from behind. This position works best if you adjust your body, putting you at more of an angle than just parallel to her body. Learn the top half of your body away from her and place your legs between hers so that your feet stick out the front. This will give you better access, allowing you to thrust into her more easily. You could also think about lifting her leg up to get even closer to her for penetration.

On the Kitchen Counter

If you feel like taking your lovemaking out of the bedroom, why not head to the kitchen? Ask your partner to sit upon the kitchen counter and then enter her from the front. She’ll have great balance and control, and you won’t need to worry about holding up her weight. If you need better access, you could always stand on a small stool. Everyone knows that getting it on in the kitchen is incredibly hot, making this position ideal for those days you want to get out of the bedroom and switch things up!

Popular Sex Toys for Fat Couples

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom is an excellent way to enhance your sex life with your partner, particularly if you’re finding penetrative sex difficult. Not only can they lengthen foreplay, making the ‘Big O’ more intense, but they also allow you to introduce self-pleasure to sex, giving you both an insight into what makes each other feel good. There are some fantastic sex toys on the market right now, with many designed with plus size ladies in mind.One of the very best is the Wand by We-Vibe. A luxury wand massager, it is a longer toy that provides an extended reach to the genital area, which is ideal for ladies with bigger bodies. It can reach the clitoris and perineum with ease, as well as other areas that are hard to reach, like the neck, back, and shoulders. Another good sex toy for fat girls is the Fin by Dame. Subtle and versatile, this finger vibrator is easy to hold and can be used anywhere for stimulation. One side of the toy vibrates, which is perfect for clitoral stimulation, whilst the other is soft and smooth. Using sex toys with your partner can be extremely hot, and it’s guaranteed to turn up the heat in the bedroom.Sexy women are often seen as slim and svelte, but this certainly doesn’t mean that big ladies can’t have fantastic sex lives too. If you’re dating a fat girl (or you’re married to one!), you don’t need to give up hope of sparks flying between the sheets. Although certain positions don’t work so well with plus size women, there are ways to modify them so that you both enjoy them. With so many positions for you to try, you’ll never again find yourself wondering ‘how do fat people have sex!’ Size really shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying amazing sex!